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Monthly Archives: May 2021

An Architect’s Guide To: Windows

May 25, 2021
As a vehicle for the admission of both light and air, a window is one of the most important architectural component ...
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SHoP Architects Makes Waves in D.C. with Pat...

May 20, 2021
Located in the heart of staid Washington, D.C., SHoP Architects’ 14-story Midtown Center establishes a prominent pr ...
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The Pacific Visions Aquarium Lands Ashore wi...

May 18, 2021
In California’s Long Beach, a new biomorphic mass has surfaced along the waterfront. The semi-reflective blue struc ...
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SOM Rethinks City Hall Design with a New Ene...

May 15, 2021
SOM has designed a master plan for downtown Long Beach, California, which involves new mixed-use developments acros ...
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An Architect’s Guide To: Glass Block

May 10, 2021
While glass block may have once conjured up imagery of a bygone era, today, it is the comeback kid. Not only does i ...
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“About Facade Engineering” by Ci...

May 05, 2021
What do Facade Engineers do? Façade engineers concern themselves with everything to do with a building’s exte ...
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