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The articles, articles and visual content published on this site have been produced for information purposes from various sources open to access and presented to the use of industry stakeholders1. Particular attention was paid to the easy and fast access to information of university students and newly graduated professionals who plan to work in the sector. By creating categories under the names of “Architect”, “Facade Engineer”, “System Manufacturer”, “Facade Contractor” and “Supplier”, an archive has been created as a guide for the easy supply of service and product needs of private and legal persons/firms both within and outside the sector. . Thus, companies have had and will find the opportunity to promote and deliver themselves, their services and products to industry stakeholders directly, not indirectly.

As, we keep your personal data safe and do not share it with third parties in any way. For more information on this, you can review our privacy policy.

You can access the Site again by browsing the Terms of Use and User Agreement that you accepted while signing up or using the site.

1. Any responsibility arising from the use of the site content belongs to the User.

Quotation Terms

All or part of the content on the site in internet sites, newspapers, magazines, etc. In order to publish in the following fields, you must carefully follow the rules stated below.

Provided that it is visible above or below the content you will publish, a link must be given in a clear and clickable manner.

Next to the link, “” should be written clearly.

Links must be clearly visible and clickable. Otherwise, we want you to know that we can seek the interests of our members and our platform through legal means, without prejudice to all our rights.

If you would like to receive additional information on the subject, you can contact us at the e-mail address “”.

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