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Facade Engineering Processes

Facade Engineering processes, which are generally carried out in parallel with the Architectural design processes, continue with the project detail application processes, and these processes are generally defined under 5 main headings. These:

  • Design Development
  • Preparation of Technical and Administrative Specification and Tender File
  • Offer Evaluation (Technical and Commercial)
  • Detail and Application
  • Manufacturing-Assembly-Acceptance
  • Making a facade concept study in accordance with the project architecture and evaluating the criteria of functionality (ergonomics, healthy and comfortable indoor environment, safety, compliance with the modular interior, feasibility, cleaning and maintenance)
  • Determining the performance values, determining the necessary criteria (static, air tightness, water tightness, heat insulation, sound-acoustic, solar and daylight performance, earthquake, fire, lightning protection, etc.) together with the architectural and mechanical group
  • Making static and structural calculations of earthquake load and wind load in line with the requirements of building physics, determining the appropriate profile (mullion and transom) dimensions according to the profile moments of inertia
  • Preparation of principle details (facade structural structure, building integration, junction points, heat, fire, smoke, sound-acoustic and waterproofing etc.)
    Alternative solutions, material options, value engineering work and an estimated work schedule.
  • Making computer aided drawings
  • Preparation of two-dimensional drawings and other documents related to facade shell elements
  • Preparation of detailed specifications for different facade skin components
  • Preparation of work schedule for facade works
  • Identification of technical requirements, application standards, warranties, maintenance and other processes
  • Making unit price definitions
  • Preparation of bill of quantities (quantity) tables (BOQ)
  • Determination and evaluation of prequalification criteria
  • Answering technical questions from the participants during the tender process and preparing technical addendums when necessary
  • Participation in technical meetings
  • Evaluation of the performance, compliance with the technical specifications and architectural design of the offers from the participants
  • Identification of participants who do not comply with the specification requirements
  • Preparation of technical and commercial comparison tables between the participants
  • Making alternative solution suggestions and Value Engineering studies
  • Preparation of the bid evaluation report
  • Checking and approving engineering calculations and reports
  • Controlling and approving the project drawings prepared by the Practitioner (Facade Contractor Company)
  • Checking the application drawings (Shopdrawings) and making the necessary revisions
  • Ensuring detailed coordination of all façade systems with related building elements
  • Review of Practitioners’ and Suppliers’ quality-control programs
  • Control and evaluation of material samples, technical data sheets (specification data)
  • Evaluation of the systems to be used, certificates, test reports and legal qualification documents
  • Review and evaluation of Manufacturing and Assembly Methods (Method Statement) documents
  • Control and evaluation of prototype, Mock-Up, 3D work and visual models
  • Participation in field and laboratory tests and performance evaluation
  • Control and reporting of technical equipment and organizational adequacy
  • Control and reporting of factory-workshop manufacturing processes
  • Pre-shipment quality controls and reporting
  • Control and reporting of assembly technical compliance and dimensional tolerance
  • Progress in assembly processes and participation in participation meetings
  • Providing solutions to problems experienced in assembly processes
  • Participation in Admission Committees, if requested, during the Provisional and Final Acceptance processes

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