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The facades of the buildings wear and tear a lot as they are exposed to different weather conditions. Cosentino aims to develop the classic stone face with its durable structure. Ultra compact Dekton offers a wide range of colors inspired by marble, wood and concrete.

Dekton has unique properties for indoor applications, but is also ideal for outdoor applications thanks to its superior resistance to sunlight. It is an excellent material with versatile usage options.

Different Thicknesses

Dekton allows you to bring your designs to life with plates of different thicknesses, depending on the application and the desired effect.

Ultra Dimension

Dekton is available in large sized plates that will allow you to create designs that were unthinkable before.

High UV Resistance

Dekton is extremely resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays and does not fade over time. It is an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

High Scratch Resistance

Dekton is an extremely scratch resistant surface. It is not scratched by household appliances such as knives. We recommend using a cutting board to protect your knives.

Stain Resistance

Thanks to its low porosity, the new Dekton surface is extremely resistant to stains caused by daily use or chemical substances. Stains such as wine, coffee, ink and rust can be easily cleaned.

High Fire and Temperature Resistance

Dekton has excellent resistance to high temperatures without deterioration in its appearance and properties. Hot utensils, electrical appliances, pots and pans can be placed directly on the surface without causing any damage.

Wear Resistance

Dekton is more resistant to abrasion than granite, making it the ideal material for applications such as floors or exterior cladding in public areas subject to high foot traffic. While other surfaces may show signs of wear and tear over time, Dekton will remain brand new for the life of the product and will not require reconditioning or retouching.

Freeze and Thaw Resistance

Dekton’s low coefficient of thermal expansion makes it resistant to thermal shock during transitions from temperature to extreme cold. Its natural resistance to freezing and thawing makes it an excellent material even for extremely cold environments.

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